Vogelsang rotor pump and parts
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Vogelsang rotor pump and parts
Including VX65, VX100, VX136, VX186, VX230, F, and IQ pumps.
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Product Description


Vogelsang cam rotor pump

Founded in 1929, Fugesen Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is an international machinery manufacturing company and a manufacturer 

and supplier of rotor pumps. The company is in a * * * position in the fields of rotor pumps, fluid cutting machines, and fluid conveying 


Vogelsang rotor pump performance * * *, with an output pressure of 16 bar and an output flow rate of 1500m/ h. Technologies such as 

injection chamber, rotor pump generator, HiFlo Plus rotor, and air-cooled dry mechanical seal are applied in the Vogelsang rotor pump

 series products to meet various needs.

Vogelsang rotor pumps are divided into major categories based on shaft spacing, including VX65, VX100, VX136, VX186, VX230, F, and 

IQ pumps; Each major category is divided into three models based on structure: Q-type, QD type, and QD marathon; Each type of 

different model is divided into different specifications based on the length of the rotor arrangement, with a total of 72 specifications;

 Satisfy from 1 m/ H-1500 m/ Transport fluids with an output pressure not exceeding 16 bar.

Product features:

1. Under 1 atmospheric pressure, the self suction height can exceed 9 meters of water column;

2. Can transport various viscous and particle containing fluids;

3. Rotors, low operating noise, no output disturbance phenomenon;

4. The rotor has small shear disturbance on the medium, ensuring safe and stable transportation;

5. The pump shaft does not come into contact with the fluid medium;

6. The rotor pump can be repaired online without the need to disassemble pipelines;

7. The rotor pump adopts a coarse shaft diameter design, which avoids rotor wear caused by shaft deviation and ensures efficient energy

 transmission and high torque;

8. The shell can adjust the gap, which can extend the lifespan twice;

9. Installing an isolation chamber pressure buffer tank in the rotor pump can improve the mechanical seal performance and dynamically 

observe the damage of the mechanical seal, making it convenient to replace the isolation chamber oil.

10. Smooth operation compared to other rotor pump brands of the same specification.

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