Donjoy stainless rotor pump
Rotor Pump and Accessories
High-precision PID valve positioner, Valve Control unit, Valve Position feedbackdevice. intelligent automatic con'rol valve. proportional valve. process control valve. high purity pumphomoceneous mixing pump, cleaning technology, pressure vessel, pipeline safety control techno ogyhigh clcan pipe fitt na&pipelinc accessorics and integrating r&d, production and sales.
Donjoys products are widey used in bio-pharmaceutical.fcod and beverage. wine, fine chemica's and other industrial fields Donjoy's leading technology andinnovation solutions meets growing demand in the industry of bio-pharmaceutical, food andbeverage from the whole world, special emerging market.
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Leading from innovation,innovation from the professionalism!Donjoy's professionalism and quality come fromthe spirit of innovation!

Comprehensive innovationtechnology, capabilities Bring you creative solutions

Donjoy owes many leading technology products, such as various proportioning regulating valve, process automatic control valve.pharmaceutical diaphragm valve, mixed double seat valve, pressure vessel and pipeline safey cantrol technology. cleantechno oay. hich cleanliness rotor pump. screw pump. centrifuoal pump. self-priming pump, homoaeneous emu s on pump.homageneous mixing pump, sanitary fittings, aseptic pipe fittings and so on.

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