Borger rotor pump and parts
Rotor Pump and Accessories
★ Main product models(Borger rotor pump):
AL series: AL25, AL50, AL75
PL series: PL 100, PL200, PL300
CL series: CL260, CL390, CL520
FL series: FL520, FL518, FL776, FL1036
EL series: EL1550
XL series: XL1760, XL2650, XL3530
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Product Description


Borger CAM rotor pump excellent quality, stable performance, reliable and durable, complete, price concessions, welcome to inquire and 

order! Borger CAM pump, Borger rotary CAM pump, CAM pump imported from Germany, Borger vehicle pump, Borger mobile pump, 

Borger pump truck, and other supporting equipment. Today, with the rapid development of modern industry, "Borg" has been 

synonymous with "CAM pump", and its products are widely used in municipal sewage treatment, environmental protection water 

treatment, mobile toilet equipment, paper making, petroleum, Marine sewage, tunnel engineering, chemical plants and other industrial 


Product performance features:

☆ Good self-priming performance, maximum suction range up to 9.5m water column;

☆ Pressure stability: the discharge pressure does not change with the change of speed, and remains constant.

☆ Bidirectional operation.

☆ The flow is proportional to the speed, the flow is easy to control: when the speed increases, the flow increases proportionally with it.

☆ Compact structure, small footprint: a variety of installation options (motor overhead/vertical installation) to meet the limitations of

 installation space

☆ Durable, no clogging.

☆ Low operating cost: efficient conveying & less parts consumption & low parts price

☆ Wear and corrosion resistance, suitable for conveying high viscosity/particulate matter/corrosive media

☆ Gas-liquid mixed transport

☆ No need to set up pump Wells

☆MIP online maintenance: so the parts can be repaired or replaced one by one by opening the quick-opening pump cover;

☆ The pump shaft is completely isolated and does not contact with the fluid medium

☆ The cavity has an isolation cavity filled with lubricating fluid, which can not only lubricate the mechanical seal, but also play a sealing

 monitoring role;

☆ Large axle diameter design to avoid rotor wear caused by shaft deviation; Ensures maximum energy transmission

☆ Can be idled, and idling will not produce a large temperature rise.

★ Product features: simple, compact, self-priming, valveless CAM pump has opened up its own market in various industries. Borg CAM

 pumps include 16 models in six series with flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 1200m3/h (2.2 to 5000 gal/min), and a wide range of 

structures and materials are available to ensure that the ideal pump type is available for every user. For example, for rotor shape, 

rotor tip, rubber coating, shaft seal, pump housing and protective liner components, Borg can make corresponding choices according

 to the actual working conditions. At the same time, Borg can provide complete units, including drives, couplings, bases, etc., as well as

 individually designed mobile pump units or hydraulic pump units.

★ Principle:

Borg rotary CAM pumps are self-priming, valveless, forward pump. Two synchronous rotors face each other side by side and rotate 

clockwise and counterclockwise respectively to form a drainage cavity. The open chamber at the pump inlet is filled with the transferred

 material. These materials are replaced in the direction of volume flow to the discharge end. Displacement is related to rotational speed,

 and the flow direction is reversible. The rotor is aligned at stop and is almost perfectly sealed.

Pump flow up to 1200m3/h (5300 usgpm)

The maximum lift is 120m

★ Main product model:

AL Series :AL25, AL50, AL75

PL Series :PL 100, PL200, PL300

CL Series :CL260, CL390, CL520

FL Series :FL520, FL518, FL776, FL1036

EL Series :EL1550,

XL series :XL1760, XL2650, XL3530

★ Advantages of Borg rotary CAM pump

The biggest characteristics of the Borg pump are mainly three aspects

1, online maintenance (that is, no need to disassemble the pipe, the drive can be repaired directly in place, very convenient)

2, the accessories are very cheap, the price is only about 1/4 of the screw pump, and the replacement is also very easy.

3, special energy saving.

★ Borg pump application field - very wide

Borg pumps have a wide range of applications, some of which are listed below:

1. Environmental protection: sewage, municipal or industrial sewage treatment plant sludge, concentrated sludge, dosing pump, 

dehydrator feeding, FGD lime slurry, water-oil mixture.

2. Chemical: acids, corrosive substances, various mixtures, solutions, oils, emulsions, paints.

3. Ships: ships sewage, leakage, waste oil, waste water, sludge, fuel oil.

4. Paper making, sugar making, food processing, petroleum and petrochemical, construction and mining, etc

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