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The Perkins engine is a power equipment widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, generator sets, and other fields.
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①、 Identification method of Perkins engine model

The Perkins engine model is usually composed of a series of letters and numbers, which have certain meanings and can reflect 

information such as engine specifications, power, and usage. Generally speaking, Perkins engine models can be identified in the 

following ways:

1. Letter identification: The beginning of the Perkins engine model is usually "Perkins", indicating that the engine is produced by Perkins

 in the UK. If there is no "Perkins" logo, it is likely a product of another company.

2. Combination of numbers and letters: The middle part of a Perkins engine model is usually a combination of numbers and letters,

 which can reflect information such as the number of cylinders, power, and displacement of the engine. For example, 404 indicates that 

the engine is a four cylinder engine with a cylinder diameter of 102mm; The letter "D" indicates that the engine is a diesel engine.

3. Suffixes: The last part of the Perkins engine model is usually a suffix, which can reflect some special purposes or configurations of the 

engine. Indicates that the engine is a turbocharged model.

②、 Quality characteristics of Perkins engines

Perkins engines have a wide range of application areas and customer groups in the market, and their quality characteristics have also 

received much attention. The following are some quality characteristics of Perkins engines:

1. High reliability: The Perkins engine adopts advanced technology and strict production processes, making it highly reliable. During 

long-term use, the low failure rate ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

2. Strong power performance: The cylinder diameter and stroke length of the Perkins engine are designed reasonably, making it have 

high power performance. At the same power, its acceleration performance and climbing ability are strong and can adapt to various harsh

 working conditions

3. Good economy: The fuel consumption rate and maintenance cost of the Perkins engine are relatively low, making it more economical. 

Customers can gain certain economic benefits during long-term use.

4. Strong applicability: The Perkins engine can be customized according to the needs of different fields to meet various special needs. 

For example, in the field of engineering machinery, Perkins engines can adapt to extreme environments such as high altitude and high 

temperatures. In the field of agricultural machinery, they can adapt to long-term, high-intensity workloads.

5. Convenient maintenance: The design and structure of the Perkins engine are relatively simple, making maintenance and upkeep more

 convenient. During use, customers can extend their service life through regular maintenance and simple repairs.

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