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Top 10 global concrete pump trucks, 4 domestic brands, not necessarily seen by experienced pump workers

Although domestically produced concrete pump trucks have achieved impressive achievements, the origin of 

concrete pump truck technology was not created by Chinese brands. Putzmeister and Schweiling are recognized 

as the giants in the field of concrete machinery.

At the same time, in the field of concrete machinery, there are actually many well-known brands whose products

 are also very excellent. Today we have selected 10 representative pump trucks to understand the technological 

level of the market.


Model:50 5M XXT


Liebherr has always focused on the field of concrete machinery, this pump truck with a length of 50 meters boom is the longest boom pump truck under Liebherr. Its appearance design, color comparison has a modern sense, the use of VX type leg structure, the maximum vertical pumping height of the boom 49.1 meters.


The pump is offered with a Mercedes Actros 5 axle chassis and a Duff 4 axle chassis, with the top part of the design being the same. However, Liebherr's concrete pump truck is rare in China, and it is estimated that few old drivers have seen this car.




Sermac is a concrete machinery brand from Italy, which is rare in the domestic market, and its development is mainly in the European market. This 65-meter 6-section boom pump is also the longest boom pump under the brand.


This pump truck offers two different boom designs, one uses a five-bridge chassis, its boom extends to the top of the cab, and the other car, uses a 6-bridge chassis, due to the increase in chassis length, so its boom uses a more conventional 6RZ boom, which looks quite personalized.


ModelS65 SX


This 65-meter pump truck is also the longest boom pump truck of Schwing, using a lot of Schwing's patented technology, so it represents the top level of Schwing pump production technology, this pump truck is also a very high rate of the European and American markets of an ultra-long boom pump truck, but also the appearance level.


Although Schwing has been acquired by XCMG, its own brand effect is still very appealing. Therefore, this car is also a star product in the field of this boom length.

4、JUNJIN(South Korea



South Korea's All Jin Heavy Industry has always been focused on the field of concrete machinery, in the domestic can see this brand opportunity is not much, its main for South Korea, Japan and North America market, it has a high market share in the United States, the product price is very high.


This 70-meter boom pump truck is also the longest boom pump truck of Quanjin Heavy Industry, representing the highest level of its technology. It's built on a Mercedes Actros 6 axle chassis, with a six-arm design that looks really impressive.




This 70-meter pump truck, also the world's first 70-meter boom pump truck, was once one of the world's longest boom pump trucks, before it used a 5-bridge semi-trailer with a big nose as a tractor, and the back provided a 5-bridge chassis as a top support. Later, Putzmeister also cooperated with Mercedes, and the semi-tractor was converted to five Bridges, one fewer than before.


Look at the other, from the number of Bridges and the number of tires alone, the degree of attention of this car is high enough, it represents Putzmeister's most advanced pump truck design and manufacturing technology, but also the current global boom length ranks one of the top pump cars.




After the acquisition of Schwing, Xugong finally opened its hands in the field of concrete machinery, and this 75-meter boom pump truck is also the longest boom pump truck of Xugong so far. It is made of Mercedes-Benz 6 bridge chassis, and the front leg uses the design of swinging leg, and the whole looks very domineering.


The pump truck uses a 7RZ boom structure with a maximum vertical pumping height of 74.2 meters. As early as 2018, this car has been bought by a company, the market price is as high as 10 million, from the price point of view, it is definitely one of the most expensive pump cars on the market.

7、CIFA (Italy



CIFA is also a well-known concrete machinery brand from Italy, but as early as 2008, it was acquired by Zoomlion. The 80-meter boom pump truck is also CIFA's longest boom pump truck and the longest boom pump truck in the European market, using CIFA's patented carbon fiber boom technology.


As the only pump truck with an arm length of 80 meters in the European market, it has a high status in the entire industry, and is also regarded as a front product by many companies. At present, this car has sold many units, and the starting price is nearly 10 million levels.


Model:ZLJ5650THBB 80-7RZ


Zoomlion's 80-meter pump truck, which follows CIFA's 80-meter pump truck above, actually uses the same carbon fiber boom technology, but after coming to China, it uses a 6-bridge chassis, and CIFA's 80-meter pump truck uses a 7-bridge chassis, which is shorter in length and more flexible.


According to the official statement, the boom of this pump truck has a service life of up to 20 years, among which, carbon fiber boom technology has played a key role in reducing the material fatigue of the boom and the deformation of the boom is very helpful, and the car also showed a strong strength during construction.




2011 Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition, SANY Heavy Industry showed just off the line of 86 meters boom pump truck, and before Zoomlion 80 meters pump truck, won the new world's longest boom pump truck Guinness World Record, this car represents Sany Heavy Industry's top car building process, all using Sany independent research and development of steel boom, It is also the world's longest steel boom pump truck.


This pump truck is the third time that SANY Heavy Industry has broken the Guinness World record for the longest boom pump truck, and before that, Sany also won this honor with 66 meters and 72 meters pump trucks. At the same time, after the acquisition of Putzmeister by Sany, the technology has been greatly improved, and Sany has thus won the title of "world pump King".


Model:ZLJ5910THBS 101-7RZ


At present, the world Guinness Record holder for the longest boom pump truck, Zoomlion's 101 meters pump truck is proud of the group, and it is also the first time that humans have made the pump boom more than 100 meters. Because of the CIFA's carbon fiber boom technology, Zoomlion's increment in the length of the pump boom has suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds, far leaving its competitors behind.


The above 10 pump trucks represent the world's top technology in the field of concrete machinery, and are also the most representative products of various brands, of which four pump trucks are from domestic brands, which is also the strength of domestic concrete machinery. Which of these pump trucks have you seen?

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